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It is with great pleasure that we welcome all of our Southeastern Elementary families into our educational community.  

“Children can change the world.”  Jane Goodall 

At SES, we see all children as curious, capable and competent citizens with rights. We believe they come to school full of experience and wisdom, eager to make meaning of their lives and everything that surrounds them. We also hope to nurture that meaning by creating a school that is a place where both children and adults explore the relationships between themselves and others – people, materials, ideas and the natural world. This year the big idea that children and adults will be researching is our connection to the natural and real world.  

We feel very fortunate to have a building that was architecturally designed to bring the outdoors in and create an environment that inspires playful inquiry and wonder. When planning possibilities for our curriculum, we look for concepts that align to our state standards and HSE21, offers multiple entry points, and has the power to connect our entire learning community.   

We look forward to sharing many windows into children and teachers’ learning experiences and the evolving learning we are building together. We look forward to playing with you around these ideas too.   

Yours in education, 

Danielle Chastain and Nicole Monkul 

Principal and Vice Principal, Southeastern Elementary